Released May 15, 2020


In the Tarantino film The Hateful Eight there’s this great scene where Jennifer Jason Leigh performs this really loose version of the traditional Australian folk ballad “Jim Jones at Botany Bay” – I walked out of that cinema wanting to write my own traditional Sydney folk song

This is my attempt at a traditional Sydney folk song but shared with that eerie modern hum that was my trademark at the time. I wanted to tell a family story, a girl is saying goodbye to her mother as she boards a ship at Circular Quay. It’s hard to tell if I sympathise with the child abandoned, or the woman leaving her, or both, but I tried to jar the song open, a delayed and fated reconciliation played out later in life, aiming for past and present to intertwine, a pedal steel guitar forming a spooky metallic thread and a bass drum beating like the deep dark waters below

Credits: Jack ñ acoustic guitar, vocal.

Siobhan Maher Kennedy – harmony vocal.

Hamish Stuart – drums.

Alexander Hewetson – double bass.

Bob Stamper – electric guitar.

Brendan St Ledger – piano.

Russ Pahl – pedal steel guitar.

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