Recorded: February 2022

READING MINDS is the second cut from Jack’s next LP set for release March ’23. This is a farewell, a song that sees the flag at half-mast.


It’s been a while now, but yea, he’s been on my mind., Where is he? Maybe he’s in the Bardo. I’ve come to thinking that maybe he couldn’t help it, and his leaving serves as the ultimate statement for some of us.

Maybe a song will help.


Reading Minds is a deep pulse, delivered by the brilliant Jimmy Paxon @jimmypaxon & Chris ‘Cowboy’ Auty @autbra11 that floats my eerie Gretsch finger picker around a masterful Justin Weaver @notnotweaver soundscape & production.


“Farewell friend

Sleep softly now

Sleep softly I will be

Lost in a dream myself

Yeah maybe it was me

That made my mind up like a fool

Call me that don’t call me cruel

It could be worse it could be me

You are reading minds”


Basic Credits

By Jack Nolan

Produced by Justin Weaver

Recorded @ Welcome to 1979 Nashville, February, 2022

Engineered by Chris Mara

Mixed by Mitch Furr @ Early Bird Studio Nashville

Mastered by Bobbi Giel @ Welcome to 1979


Personnel Credits

Jack Nolan – Vocals & guitars

Justin Weaver – Electric & acoustic guitars

Jimmy Paxson – Drums & percussion

Chris Autry – Bass guitar