Jack Nolan’s new album

Songs of beauty and tension, reflection and hope

Michael Dwyer
Music, Arts & Culture Journalist writes:

Great records lie in wait. It’s a secret often overlooked in the artist’s rush to bottle the heady spirit of now. GABRIEL is testament to the power of patience, the surrender of control, and the quiet authority of songs that land in the hands of perfect strangers in their own sweet time and place.

GABRIEL came to Jack Nolan a few years ago, sat at his side on a long desert drive that he wasn’t sure he’d come back from. The song, in its own unhurried and roundabout way,
eventually found itself in Nashville, USA, on an album of the same title, an album completed
just before COVID-19 wrought its havoc on the world.

In truth, it’s hard to miss. GABRIEL is an album that mines its own carefully sculpted acoustic world with a profoundly atmospheric sense of place, and a depth of self-knowledge that speaks of arrival after a lifetime of sometimes hard, sometimes tender experience.

Favorite tracks:

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