Premiered Sep 11, 2019


I’d had the track for years even decades, never recorded but it’s a story for fathers, treasure your daughters. What I love about this track is that it was recorded as nothing more than a guide track,  My long time friend and collaborator Scott Aplin’s joined me for a day in the studio at the time, just to prepare some guides and record some acoustic material.

Scott had covered keys in the Kelly Gang and my previous records and knew my work, but what I found this day, after not having seen him for a few years, was he’d become this seasoned pro, who’s main gig then was being Music Director on The Voice. This was literally Scott playing and me singing, one take.

I love his steady-hearted, intimate piano work. I thought the track we recorded was more than a guide and decided to work it up and release it but no matter what we threw at this song nothing added to it – not an orchestra, not harmonies, nor guitar, the song is and can only be Scott Aplin on piano along with my story.

The magic of recording can be like this some days: a beautiful song, two people, a few minutes close to a purpose that is true. So, I really thought the song needed to be left alone, the same as the day we made it. ‘Take chances, you’ll find answers / If you’re patient and you sail with the breeze.’


Jack Nolan –vocal.

Scott Aplin – piano

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