Released 13 November, 2015


The Kelly Gang was a band I formed with my good mate Rick Grossman disbanded in 2004 after one album and some great shows, I continued to write songs, but was moving slightly away from the Kelly Gang rock vibe and more into the Americana or Darlinghurst Country vibe that I inhabit to this day. Martin Rotsey was keen to work on with me on my next project. Martin was, let’s say, a hard marker!  Like fellow artists and musicians often do, he made me a better writer. This was one of the first songs I took to the project.  I covered the acoustic guitars and vocals, with Martin handling electric guitar, mandolin and slide. Hamish Stuart my ever reliable mate handled the drums and Alexander Hewetson the double base. It’s a love song, set in South West WA, a special place, where the Indian Ocean is a colour blue all of its own. This is a slow burn, a love that grows, that bystanders didn’t given much hope to and a love that  wasn’t so obvious to the protagonist at the beginning. He was held up on the way, “I was driving crazy/ I got  Every Red Light / On my way to you”

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